Those flying Alaska Airlines this fall may get the chance to fast-track their way through luggage check-in with the company’s new electronic bag tag program.

The airline is the first in the country to create a digital program to check in bags, according to a media release. It has been developing this concept since 2016.

Traditionally, people flying with luggage will have to print bag tags at airport kiosks.

With Alaska Airlines’ new program, travelers can activate their bag tags when they check in on their mobile app.

According to the company, the bag tags are expected to cut down luggage check in time by 40% and will reduce the use of paper by “156 football field lengths a year” with just the first stage of the program roll out.

How it works

Under the program, travelers will get a plastic tag, which does not require batteries, to attach to their luggage.


They can then activate it via the Alaska Airlines app. The tag will then display the traveler’s flight number and can be dropped off at luggage check in.

When will customers see these digital tags?

The first phase of the program begins this fall and will only include 2,500 Alaska Airlines travelers, according to the release.

Members of the Mileage Plan can purchase the bag tags in early 2023.