"Boeing: 100 years of flight" was published in 2016 in special print and web editions. This post features all of the highlights from the online edition.

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The Seattle Times commemorated Boeing’s 100th anniversary with special editions in print and on the web in 2016.

In case you didn’t happen to catch these stories on our website or on our Facebook or Twitter accounts, here’s a roundup of the highlights from our web presentation:

Meet 10 people who helped shaped Boeing’s history:

Part one: Dupler, Mulally, Huntman and Grieser

Part two: Lopez, Corvi and Albaugh

Part three: Condit, Sutter and Darcy-Henneman

Joe Sutter, Dave Huntman, Carolyn Corvi, Craig Dupler, Jim Albaugh

John Lopez Jr., Suzanna Darcy, Alan Mulally, Charlie Grieser, Phil Condit (The Seattle Times)

On Boeing’s 100th anniversary, company veterans from machinist to CEO talk about key moments in their time at Boeing.


From cloth to carbon fiber, a timeline of Boeing’s 100-year flight

During the past 100 years, Boeing has gone from handcrafting small canvas and wooden wings for biplanes to producing the high-tech carbon-fiber composite wings of the 787 Dreamliner.  (Boeing)

This chronology looks at the achievements and struggles of the company from the time Bill Boeing’s first floatplane was built in a boathouse on the shores of Seattle’s Lake Union.

In good times and bad, Boeing’s force field has shaped region’s fortunes

Mount Rainier looms in the distance as an ANA 787 takes off from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. (Mike Siegel / The Seattle Times)

Boeing’s Washington workforce is still larger than Microsoft’s and Amazon’s combined, and it occupies a unique role in the state’s economic history.

Formidable challenges loom in Boeing’s next century

Boeing’s South Carolina operation plays a growing role in engineering as well as manufacturing. Here, a robotic system drills holes and inserts bolts to assemble 787 aft fuselages. (Mic Smith / Special to the Seattle Times)

The challenges in Boeing’s near-term future include competitors old and new, observes columnist Jon Talton, as well as a shifting political landscape. It must navigate past many obstacles if it is to be one of the few big U.S. companies that survive far into a second century.

Flying high: an interactive look at Boeing’s 100-year history

Over the last 100 years, Boeing’s story has paralleled the history of the United States. This interactive follows the timeline of the company and its aircraft.