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Taking stock

Starbucks: You can buy about two grande peppermint mocha twist frappuccinos (at $4.10 each) for one share of Starbucks stock and have some tip money left over.

Nordstrom: A $148 Calvin Klein Satin Dress is equal to about 12 ½ shares of Nordstrom stock.

Jones Soda: About three shares of Jones Soda stock, plus change, can get you a bottle of its Berry Lemonade at $1.19 a bottle.

Whiplash:How low can it go?

The Dow Jones industrial average closed Nov. 20 at

B. 7,552.29

Acronym soup

CDO — Collateralized debt obligation

CDS — Credit default swap

TARP — Troubled Assets Relief Program

FHA — Federal Housing Administration

Play Microsoft’s name game

D. Safari 95. The other names have been attached to various generations of Windows.

Counting Dreamliners

C. Boeing has booked 910 orders for its 787, as of Dec. 1, including 93 orders in 2008, according to Boeing.

Pump it upC. Gas prices hit an all-time time of $4.114 on July 17. (U.S. average for a gallon of regular, unleaded gas, according to AAA.)

Compiled by Seattle Times business news staffers Becky Bisbee, Bill Kossen and Rami Grunbaum.