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Boeing said Wednesday that it will pay out more than $295 million in employee bonuses to 51,820 salaried employees in Washington state.

That’s an average bonus of $5,700 before tax, to be paid out starting Thursday.

Companywide, the bonuses total more than $624 million, paid to approximately 107,000 eligible employees in the U.S. and around the world.

These white-collar employee bonuses are based on performance targets tied to the company’s financial results for 2012, which triggered payouts of an additional 14.75 days of pay to employees in the commercial airplanes unit and 16 days to those on the defense side.

That’s roughly a 6 percent annual bonus.

Separate bonuses for hourly employees in the Machinists union, coming out of a new incentive plan that kicked in half way through 2012, was paid last week.

Those six-month bonuses for the Machinists averaged about $900 before tax, plus up to 30 percent more, depending on overtime worked.

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