Auth0, a Bellevue company that offers online security for businesses, said Tuesday it raised an additional $120 million in funding that boosted its valuation to $1.92 billion.

The latest funding round was led by Salesforce Ventures. Auth0 raised $103 million last year at a rate that valued it at more than $1 billion, establishing itself as a so-called unicorn. The company has raised more than $330 million since its founding in 2013.

Auth0 said its revenue grew 70% last year and continued to rise this year through June amid a shaky economy.

The company, which currently employs about 650 people worldwide, has added more than 140 workers this year.

Auth0 has more than 9,000 paying customers. The company develops technology to help verify and protect people’s online identities. It provides a software service companies can use to create secure online logins with features such as multi-factor authentication.