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Q: I recently got an iPhone, and I want to use it to listen to audiobooks. I understand I can download audiobooks from the library. How do I do this?

— Abby Jackson, Seattle

A: Yes, the Seattle Public Library (SPL) offers an array of audiobooks, e-books and videos for download by library patrons. The first thing you’ll need to do, if you haven’t already, is get a library card because you’ll need that to sign in to the download section of the library’s online site. (The King County Library System also offers an extensive collection of online resources. You can find it at

Go to the SPL’s website at, click on eBooks and Downloads in the Browse section. Next, you’ll need to select what kind of device you have – in this case, “iPod, iPhone or iPod Touch.” The site also supports Kindles, Nook or Kobo, Android phones and tablets, Windows Phones, Windows PCs and Macs.

Click on your device, and you’ll be offered several PDFs to view or download. Pick the one that fits the format and method of downloading you want to use. For example, if you select the OverDrive App for iPhone, you’ll be able to download books in the EPUB format directly to your phone over a Wi-Fi connection. You will, however, have to install the OverDrive application on your phone and get an Adobe ID, which is free. Step-by-step directions for all this are available in the PDF file.

Other options allow you to download to your computer and then move it to your phone via a USB port.

Q: I’m a consultant and I have two PDF files — one is an engineering drawing, and the other is a page with header information, both made with Visio. I’d like to put one file on top of the other. Is there a way to merge those two files?

— P. Kenner, Bremerton

A: It has been a while since I’ve taken a close look at Adobe Acrobat, and I have to admit I wasn’t very hopeful there’d be a good solution for you. But there is!

Actually, there are a few solutions. First, if you’re going to be doing this on a regular basis, when you create your files in Visio you can save them with layers. If you export them to Acrobat XI, you can preserve those layers and manipulate them in Acrobat. (You can also do this with AutoCAD and Adobe InDesign files.)

For your purpose, because you have these as separate PDF files, the easiest solution would be to load the engineering drawing into Acrobat and then make your other file a watermark background to the first file.

To do so, with the drawing file loaded, click on the Tools menu and select Watermark and then Add Watermark. In the dialogue box that opens, go to the Source section and click on File. Then browse for the other PDF, and once you select it, that file will be added to your PDF page.

You’ll note you also can control the opacity of the watermark, but it sounds like for your purpose you’ll wish to set that 100 percent.

Q: I have Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 installed on my desktop computer. Every time I open MS Word or open a file saved in Word, I get a message, “Please wait while Set prepares the necessary files.”

Then it goes to a box showing a progress slider, “Configuring Microsoft Enterprise 2007.” This can take more than a minute. I have the same program installed on my laptop and it opens instantly.

— D. Haggman, Blaine

A: First, make sure you don’t have more than one version of Office installed on the computer. If you don’t, the problem is most likely with a corrupt installation that has affected the Windows registry.

To get rid of the annoying problem, try repairing the installation. If that doesn’t work, uninstall and then reinstall Office.

For Office Enterprise 2007, you’d launch the repair process by going to the Help menu and clicking on Office Diagnostics.

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