Nearly two years after the first COVID-19 cases put millions of workers in makeshift home offices, more employers are bringing remote workers back to the office or setting deadlines for their eventual return.

In some cases, the back-to-office process is going smoothly as companies resume their pre-pandemic structure or use a hybrid of office and remote work. In others, employers are getting pushback from workers who want to stay remote, or who object to things like mask or vaccination requirements. Still others seem to be waiting to see what the region’s big employers do.

Last week, Bellevue-based T-Mobile reportedly told corporate employees they would be fired if they were not fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by April 2, when the company plans to bring all representatives back to on-site or hybrid work environments, according to an internal memo obtained by Bloomberg.

We’d like to hear from both employees and employers in the Seattle area and across Washington about how you’re approaching the question of returning to the office.

Have you returned recently or made plans to return? What are the biggest factors in your decision? If you’re an employer, has remote work led to issues around productivity? Has it been key to recruiting and retaining workers? If you were working remotely or still are, has your employer’s back-to-office policy affected your desire to stay with the company?