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American Airlines said Monday that if its restructuring plan is approved in bankruptcy court next week, it will firm up orders with Boeing for 42 widebody 787 Dreamliners and 100 single-aisle 737 MAXs.

It will also add two 777s to a previous order, the airline said in an SEC filing.

The original Dreamliner purchase deal in 2008 was for the 787-9 model, but American said that when finalized it will substitute smaller 787-8 models for up to 20 of those.

It will also accelerate the Dreamliner delivery schedule.

The purchase agreement to buy the MAXs was originally signed last July, conditional upon the bankruptcy proceedings.

American said it signed a new agreement with Boeing Friday amending previous purchase deals and gaining “certain concessions and savings.”

If the court approves at a hearing scheduled for Jan. 23, American will have total firm aircraft orders with Boeing for 111 current-generation 737s, 100 next-generation 737 MAXs, 18 large twinjet 777s and 42 mid-size twinjet 787 Dreamliners.

The MAX aircraft are scheduled to be delivered from 2018 through 2022.

The 787 aircraft are scheduled to be delivered from Nov. 2014 through Sept. 2018.

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