Amazon's new convenience store uses tech similar to that in driverless cars to track what items shoppers pick up and carry out.

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Picking the fastest-moving checkout line on the way out of the grocery store is an art form.

How many people per line? How many items? Will that shopper pull out a checkbook?

All that counting and guesswork could be a thing of the past with Amazon’s new “self-driving” tech installed at its “Amazon Go” convenience store in Seattle’s South Lake Union.

The store, on the corner of Seventh Avenue and Blanchard Street, is already open to Amazon employees and should open to the public early next year.

It uses the same sort of technology used by driverless cars to track each customer when they enter and record what items — like a sandwich or drink — they carry out the door.

Everything is charged directly to the Amazon Go app.

Here’s how it works:

Scan your phone when you enter

Pick up the items you want

Walk out of the store

And Amazon will charge your account

So, will this technology kill the checkout line?