With the OK to test drones, is Amazon.com pioneering Wright brothers 2.0 or headed for crashing disappointment?

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Amazon.com’s hopes for a fleet of delivery drones took a big step forward with Federal Aviation Administration approval to test a craft outdoors and train a crew to operate it.

CEO Jeff Bezos loves to throw spaghetti at the wall to see what will stick. But his interest in using drones to deliver is more than a momentary fad.

If it succeeds, drone delivery might be transformational, albeit part of the coming shift where advanced robots and automation cause prolonged unemployment for humans (I suspect the idea would be for a crew to operate many drones, replacing delivery drivers).

If it fails, does the plug get pulled before a spectacular amount of money is wasted or a fatal incident occurs? There’s also questions (or should be) about Amazon also being a major Defense Department and CIA contractor.

What do you think?

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