As The Seattle Times works to tell stories of how Amazon’s expansive ambitions affect our city, region and beyond, we want to speak with the people who know the company best: Amazon employees, contractors, partners and clients.

To propel our reporting, we’d like to hear about your experiences with Amazon. How have changes at Amazon — including those related to warehouse productivity, delivery driver performance, cloud computing or the Marketplace platform — affected your life or business? What do you think people need to know about how Amazon operates? Based on your experience, what should we expect from Amazon in the future?

I use a variety of methods to report on Amazon. I scour lawsuits, regulators’ reports, permitting records and other public documents; attend events; watch social media; make plenty of cold calls and emails; and keep in close contact with people who are attuned to changes at the company. Many articles, though, start with messages from readers who send us information.

Whether you’ve been working with Amazon for 20 days or 20 years, we’re interested to learn about your struggles and successes. And we’re happy to discuss ways to keep your name and identifying details confidential if that’s a concern.

You can contact the newsroom through the form below. (We won’t publish your name or story without contacting you first to make sure it’s OK.) To reach me directly, email, find me on Twitter or Reddit, or send me a note on the encrypted Signal messaging app at 206-375-9280.

You can also visit our newsroom tips page to learn more about how to share information with Seattle Times reporters.