There had been speculation about an Amazon drive-through grocery store. But an application filed Thursday directly names the tech giant’s involvement in the project.

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So it looks like the mysterious construction going on at the site of a former Chinese restaurant in Ballard might be an project after all.

An application filed with the city of Seattle for work at 5100 15th Ave. N.W., the home of Louie’s Cuisine of China until it closed in 2014, describes “storage racks insulation plans on main floor for Amazon.”

There had been speculation about Amazon’s presence on the site of what appears to be a future drive-through grocery store since tech site GeekWire first reported on it last August.

But the application filed on Thursday, also first spotted by GeekWire, is the sole document among the permits to name the tech giant.

Amazon didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. It’s unclear what the company intends to do at the site. It has toyed with selling groceries, a field in which it’s still a minor player, in various ways.

The site plan filed with the city, titled “Project X,” shows a 9,860-square-foot structure with eight parking spots for cars. It doesn’t seem to be a walk-in store: only 415 square feet are classified under “retail” in city documents, while most of the rest is storage.

The San Francisco Business Journal has reported that Amazon is behind similarly obscure projects in the San Francisco Bay Area.