The company, which is pouring $2 billion into its India business, sees more monthly unique visitors than rival Flipkart for second time this year.

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For the second time this year, passed rival Flipkart to become the the most visited e-commerce site in India, based on monthly traffic.

It’s a significant milestone for Amazon, as it pours $2 billion into developing its Indian business. Some analysts believe that sales in India could one day top every other country Amazon is in, save for the United States.

ComScore noted that drew 30.1 million unique visitors in October, the most recent period for which data is available. Flipkart, widely seen as India’s largest e-commerce company, had 26.9 million visitors to its site in the same period.

That traffic came in advance of Diwali, the gift-giving celebration, which fell in November this year.

Those gains can be fleeting, though. Amazon’s Indian site topped Flipkart’s site in May, only to give back the Web-traffic lead a month later.