Amazon Inspire is designed to let teachers quickly filter through thousands of lesson plans, supplements and other educational materials.

Share story has launched a service designed to make it easier for teachers to find digital classroom resources and share their findings with others.

On Monday, the Seattle company announced Amazon Inspire, a search service that lets teachers filter through tens of thousands of lesson plans, supplements, videos and other materials in an instant.

Teachers can quickly upload assessments and resources they have created and allow others to download them for use in their own classrooms.

“We found that almost every teacher spends about 12 hours each week trying to find additional digital resources to teach topics in the classroom,” said Rohit Agarwal, general manager of Amazon K-12 Education.

The new service aims to cut down on that time commitment by letting teachers filter by grade level, subject matter and even school district. Like all products on Amazon’s website, the materials can be reviewed and rated, so teachers can see how useful others have found the resource.

All materials are free to upload and download, including those from research organizations and publishers. Washington, D.C.’s Newseum journalism museum, Folger Shakespeare Library and College Scorecard from the Department of Education are among organizations that have signed on to provide free resources.

Amazon made a big jump into the education market in 2013 when it acquired online math learning company TenMarks. The company said it hopes that by making it easier for teachers to find resources, more time and attention can be spent on personalized instruction.

Amazon spent the past year working with thousands of teachers around the country and found that the majority supplement district-provided teaching tools with their own creations and findings.

“The ultimate is that every teacher should benefit from the collective knowledge and insights of peers,” Agarwal said.

Amazon Inspire is now live in beta mode.