Amazon plans to repurpose a 126,000-square-foot Renton warehouse into a facility processing same-day deliveries, permitting plans filed last month indicate.

Amazon facilities have been encroaching deeper into major metropolitan areas as the company seeks to drive down delivery times for commonly-purchased items. Expansions of such warehouses in some places have prompted concerns about traffic congestion and emissions from vehicles shuttling packages for the retail giant. Some activists have said those harms disproportionately affect poorer communities and communities of color.

Amazon did not respond to questions about the permit filing. However, the name of the facility, “Amazon SWA2,” follows the same letter- and number scheme as Amazon’s other Seattle-area warehouse for same-day deliveries, SWA1 in Everett. Like the Everett warehouse, the proposed Renton facility would also be serviced by Amazon Flex gig workers, who deliver packages in their personal vehicles, according to the permit application.

The new warehouse, at 1905 Raymond Ave. S.W., is in an industrial district adjacent to two other Amazon facilities.

The project is on hold after the Washington State Department of Transportation voiced concerns about how the more than 1,500 cars slated to enter and leave the site daily could affect traffic on nearby freeway ramps, particularly during peak usage in mornings and evenings, according to application documentation. Renton land use officials are scheduled to review additional transportation analyses Amazon conducted for the project later next month, Renton planning director Chip Vincent said in an email.