Jeffrey Helbling, previously a vice president in Amazon’s Kindle division, has become Jeff Bezos’ new technical adviser, a position often called the CEO’s “shadow.”

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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has a new technical adviser, a desirable position that is often called Bezos’ “shadow.”

Jeffrey Helbling, previously a vice president in the Kindle division, stepped into the role in January, according to his LinkedIn profile.

The position, which involves daily work with Bezos, has served as a springboard for many other successful executives within the company, including Andy Jassy, who leads Amazon Web Services, and Amit Agarwal, who leads Amazon India.

Most recently, Maria Renz held the position, the first woman to do so. She now is the vice president of delivery experience at Amazon.

Her job as technical adviser was to “help Jeff be the best CEO that he can be,” she told The Seattle Times last year.

Helbling, who holds an MBA from Harvard, joined Amazon in 2012 after a stint at McKinsey & Co.