Amazon said sales have increased over last year's Prime Day despite problems in the first hours of this year's event.

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Amazon was back up and running as usual Tuesday morning on the second day of the company’s Prime Day (and a half) sales event.

Amazon’s website had widespread problems Monday in the hours after the event launched, intermittently showing customers pictures of dogs with error messages.

Still, the company said Tuesday that sales had increased from Prime Day last year. Sales during the first 10 hours of the event were up from the same period last year, a spokeswoman said, and people had bought “millions of Alexa enabled-devices.”

She acknowledged the fourth annual Prime Day got off to a “ruff start.” Amazon did not offer an explanation for what caused the Monday issues.

Even though the issues seemed to affect a large number of customers, problems like this are usually “not insurmountable,” said Sucharita Kodali, an analyst at Forrester. She noted the problems affected Amazon’s conversion rate, or how many people bought an item when they came to the site.

“Only (Amazon) will know the impact because the glitch affected their conversion rate, but probably not overall sales which were trending up anyway,” she said in an email Tuesday.

Prime Day stretches for 36 hours this year, ending at midnight.

Amazon’s stock closed up 1.2 percent at $1,843.93 Tuesday.