Amazon’s latest sales model is on a truck, a vehicle it calls the Treasure Truck. It’ll have one item that customers in Seattle can buy from the truck, to be picked up at a predetermined location.

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What is the Treasure Truck?

That question echoed across Twitter on Wednesday after created a Twitter handle, Facebook page and Instagram account for its newest sales vehicle and started posting about its arrival in Seattle.

The truck, which looks like an Amazon-package-shaped armored vehicle, drove through Queen Anne and Belltown on Wednesday with a scrolling message: “What’s on the truck today?,” catching the attention of passers-by along its path.

“It’s a truck and it’s got treasure — like a pirate ship, but with wheels and a horn,” a YouTube video said about the new rig.


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Wednesday, however, it was empty.

The Treasure Truck is a new feature available through the Amazon Mobile Shopping app and, come Saturday, it will start offering exclusive Amazon deals as it drives around King County.

A schedule has not been released; the company says the truck will have one item available per day, “several days a week.”

“It will vary,” said Sam Hall, Amazon’s vice president of consumables. But he said customers can set up their app to send an alert on what the Treasure Truck will have available. Customers can buy the product on the app, then choose a time slot and one of the predetermined locations to meet the truck and pick up the item. Or they can buy it at the truck, the video says.

Saturday’s deal is a Solstice Bali stand-up inflatable paddleboard set, which retails for $476.99. On the Treasure Truck, however, it will be $99.

Other offers over the next several weeks will include a knife set for 50 percent off and two 24-ounce porterhouse steaks for $20, according to the video.

Amazon also plans to offer an “exclusive, limited-edition” handblown Glassy­baby votive — made in Glassybaby’s Madrona studio — and Hall said the truck will have many other items from local companies.

“We are excited about what our local companies have to offer,” he said.

The truck’s plan is to stay local — driving around popular neighborhoods in Seattle with stops scheduled on the Eastside “over the next few weeks,” Hall said.

He said the service right now is focused only on the Seattle area.