Share story’s architect is proposing a different look for the bubblelike office building that would be the visual focus of its three-block Denny Triangle development, city records show.

The new design gives the three intersecting spheres a more organic, cellular look instead of the angular panels of the original proposal.

It envisions the structural-steel skeleton following the geometry of a “Catalan sphere,” with each facet shaped like a rounded, elongated pentagon. A starlike frame in the center of each pentagonal facet would connect the corners. (Visualize the cross-section of an okra slice.)

A design review board meets at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday at Seattle City Hall to consider the new design from NBBJ, Amazon’s architect.

Earlier this year, the plans for an office building in the form of three spheres ignited a buzz.

The spheres would range in height from 80 feet to 95 feet. The structure would feature five floors of flexible work space totaling 65,000 square feet capable of accommodating mature trees, according to plans filed with the city.

The spheres would anchor the side of the block between Sixth and Seventh avenues, facing Lenora Street and separated by a park from a high-rise tower. Amazon plans three high-rise towers in its 3.3 million-square-foot Denny Triangle development.

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