Alaska Airlines said Friday it would continue to reimburse “travel for certain medical procedures and treatments” if they are not available where employees live.

“Today’s Supreme Court decision does not change that,” Andy Schneider, senior vice president of people for Alaska, wrote in a statement.

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport also said Friday it welcomed anyone traveling to Washington state for access to abortion care. “We are here for you and you are safe at SEA,” it wrote.

The Supreme Court on Friday ended constitutional protections for abortion that had stood in America for nearly a half-century. The decision by the court’s conservative majority overturned the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling and is expected to lead to abortion bans in roughly half the states. 

After a leak last month of the Supreme Court’s expected decision to overturn the ruling, companies including Amazon, Microsoft and Starbucks said they would cover or reimburse travel expenses for employees related to medical procedures, including abortion services.

Alaska said Friday its policy had not changed.

“Just as we always have, our company will continue to provide employees with extensive benefits to support their health and well-being, no matter where they live,” Scheinder’s statement read.

“Our culture of care includes ensuring a work environment where everyone feels safe and respected,” she wrote. “Regardless of your individual views, this is a time to demonstrate understanding, empathy and kindness for each other.”

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