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Tensions rise in water battle along Oregon-California line

FILE – In this March 2, 2020, file photo, farmer Ben DuVal with his wife, Erika, and their daughters, Hannah, third from left, and Helena, fourth from left, stand near a canal for collecting run-off water near their property in Tulelake, Calif. The Klamath Basin, a vast and complex water system that spans Oregon and California, is in the throes of the worst drought in recorded history, with water flows in the tributaries of the Klamath River that are as low as they have been in a century. Federal officials are expected to announce the water allocations for the season this week and it’s possible that farmers might not get any water at all. (AP Photo/Gillian Flaccus, File) LA151 LA151

It could be a difficult and tense summer in a region where farmers, conservationists and tribes have fought over water for years. Amid a pandemic and an ever-deeper partisan divide, some in the region fear what's to come. VIEW

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