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The 3,360-square-foot Tudor-style house that left Hunts Point on Lake Washington on Tuesday has arrived in Canada, and was scheduled to be unloaded Thursday night at high tide.

Weeks of work went into preparing to move the house from its location on Cozy Cove, with the two-story structure finally loaded onto a barge Tuesday afternoon.

The house then began a 280-mile trip to Fanny Bay, on Vancouver Island north of Nanaimo, and arrived there about 4 a.m. Thursday, said Jeff McCord, of Nickel Brothers House Moving USA.

A smaller carriage house was unloaded from the barge onto property about three miles from its final destination and later will be moved to the site by truck, McCord said.

Crews on Thursday moved the house from the barge to its final site during extreme high tide about 8 p.m.

“There’s literally only inches to spare,” McCord said.

The house will be placed on cribbing, or timbers, while a foundation is constructed beneath it, he said. The move is expected to be finished by today.

The house was sold to a British Columbia couple who plan to initially use it as vacation property.

It was sold by owners of the Hunts Point property who plan to build a new house on the Cozy Cove site but wanted to avoid demolishing the older home and adding to landfill waste.

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