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“No justice, no Peeps!”

Union workers who struck in 2016 at the firm that makes Peeps candies. This week a federal appeals court agreed the company could not unilaterally stop enrolling new employees in a pension plan without paying a penalty.

“We probably would have offered to give them some products for free.”

Marc Barros, CEO of a Seattle firm making mobile-phone camera lenses, on learning the newest Steven Soderbergh movie was shot on an iPhone 7 using his lenses.

“We owe nobody a view. It’s our farm.”

Jackie Brunson, who wants to lease 80 acres of her family’s Ellensburg farm for a field of solar panels, despite neighbors’ opposition.

“We have tried to move as little cheese as possible.”

Gmail product manager Jacob Bank, on Google’s major update of the free email service.

“Amazon is like an ATM machine. I wouldn’t want to be competing with Amazon in India.”

Retail analyst Scott Mushkin, who is skeptical of Walmart’s bid to buy India’s leading online retailer, Flipkart.