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Extraordinary recent events unfolding around us make a vigorous, credible and independent press more important than ever. In an era of fake news, getting things right has never been more critical. That’s why this is the perfect time to support The Seattle Times.

We are the Northwest’s largest and most credible news source, and our foundation is built on accuracy, fairness and independence, core journalistic principles that are at risk. Our emphasis is on community-based local news, in-depth features and fearless investigative journalism. We publish stories you can’t get anywhere else, hold those in power accountable and break real news.

From the unprecedented national election and transfer of power in Washington, D.C., to the legislative battle in Olympia over funding our children’s education, The Seattle Times digs deep into society’s most important issues. We cover the region’s most critical stories, whether it’s Puget Sound’s exponential growth and gridlock or the crisis of homelessness. The Seattle Times is committed to informing and inspiring, not inflaming. And we do it 24/7 on multiple platforms, engaging readers on, through social media and, of course, with our print edition.

Yet serious journalism is not free. The only way we can continue to pay talented, dedicated reporters, photographers and editors and send our journalists to cover stories as they unfold is if readers like you subscribe.

The Seattle Times, winner of 10 Pulitzer Prizes, continues to be a strong, vibrant media voice in the Northwest, and because of the Blethen family’s 121-year local ownership, it remains a rare beacon of independent journalism. To help us continue that commitment, we invite you to become a subscriber if you aren’t already.

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Don Shelton

Executive Editor

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