Dee DePass

3M engineer Genevieve McSpaden, right, works in a lab on film and coatings with Katrina Hale, left, (who hired her) at 3M in Maplewood, Minn. (Renee Jons Schneider / Minneapolis Star Tribune via TNS)
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How companies can attract, keep millennials

“Survey after survey consistently says that millennials want to change the world and make it a better place,” says Mayo Clinic recruiting director Brent Bultema.

3-D printers bring eco-car to life

Kor Ecologic founder Jim Kor has been described as a shaggy introvert and hermit. Yet this engineer is out to change the world with the...

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Got 15 minutes? Be a micro-volunteer

Micro-volunteerism is a relatively new workplace trend but is already becoming a powerful "employee engagement" tool, some human resources managers say.

Perfumer disdains common scents

For years, "the nose" of Aveda has traveled the Amazon River in Brazil, the flower fields of Corsica and the banks of the Nile in...