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Changes at Whole Foods — and lack of communications — prompt concerns among some employees

Customers and others walk past Whole Foods Market at the corner of  Denny Way and Westlake Ave. in Seattle Thursday, April 18, 2019.  

Amazon-owned Whole Foods touted a price cut on halibut as part of an announcement recently about lower prices on hundreds of items. Amazon is trying to shed the Whole Paycheck image of the grocery chain, which has been a leader in sustainable seafood practices. Wade Bassi, of Seattle, fishes for halibut in Alaska all summer and says the halibut price advertised, about $17 a pound for fillets, is almost certainly a loss leader, meaning there’s little or no room for the retailer to profit, based on what he knows about the supply chain.  209887

Some employees at the Amazon-owned grocer felt the changes were not clearly communicated, stirring worries or anxiety.

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