City University of Seattle

City University of Seattle

City University of Seattle is accredited through the doctoral level. Find programs in business, leadership, education, health and human services, computer and information systems. CityU is ranked as a 2022 Best Online Bachelor program by US News & World Report.

As business models change, managers need to be more focused on specific areas of expertise rather than just general management skills, experts say.

Companies are desperate to hire individuals who have the knowledge and skills to protect their systems, networks and programs from vulnerabilities.

The pandemic forced educators to adapt their approach to teaching — and this will continue as teachers strive to give students the best education possible.

For the years 1963-64, the average cost for tuition and fees for a four-year institution was $4,336. That amount skyrocketed to $13,677, in 2020-21.

Analysis conducted by Pew Research Center discovered that three out of 10 employees say their current job is just to get them by, not an avenue toward a career.

Financial issues are one of the top three reasons students “stop out” of schools, explains Britney Taylor, readmissions specialist.

Thamiris Cortes De Aguiar, CityU Enactus President, painting over graffiti in downtown Seattle

Finding ways to take lessons learned in class and apply them to real-life situations offers students — and their community — benefits that can last a lifetime.

Cultural barriers, language challenges, and a personal crisis almost ended an MBA dream.

Nicole "Kokoa" Kinley faced more than her share of challenges in her journey towards attaining her degree. Resilience and a supportive adviser kept her going.

Students face hurdles due to race, gender, socio-economic status and culture. Those obstacles may include attendance, finances and achievement and lack of guidance.

According to the U.S. Census, in 2019 men comprised 52% of all workers, but 73% of all STEM employees.

Sales data, employee data and customer data can be explanatory, aid in forecasting future sales and can even solve problems and suggest a course of action.

Globally, 68.5% of businesses suffered a ransomware attack this year.

In August, when Macuilxochitl Palacios walked in the first CityU in-person commencement since the pandemic began, it capped off a long journey.

Fifty-two percent of behavioral health organizations have seen an uptick in the need for services.

The educational experience includes both the “why” of theory, as well as the “how” of practical experience.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a need for 165,100 mental health counselors in the year 2022.

A data science career offers competitive pay, and the opportunity to have an impact in fields ranging from art to agriculture, health care to nonprofits, advertising to computer science.

The skills learned in these programs arm graduates with the skills to start their own companies in a variety of fields — even the arts.

To get more educators into the classroom faster, Washington State offers a simplified process to get an educator degree.

The field of project management offers an opportunity that’s poised for growth and highly in demand.

Understanding your child’s learning style is critical to successful home teaching.

As more of us start working from home, we’re learning the hard way that we’re facing increased security threats from hackers.

Self-care recommendations that help first responders cope with stress offer lessons for us all. 

The start of a new decade is a good opportunity to look forward and understand what the next year will likely bring for technology.

Sharpening communications skills and learning how to weave diverse experiences into a cohesive mission builds a stronger organization.

Access to resources and changes in public perception create opportunities for better overall health.

'Life experience' programs are becoming increasingly common and are currently available at most accredited online colleges.