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City University of Seattle is a private nonprofit university accredited through the doctoral level. It has been ranked by U.S. News & World Report among the Top 50 in the country for its online bachelor’s degree programs for eight consecutive years.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a need for 165,100 mental health counselors in the year 2022.

A data science career offers competitive pay, and the opportunity to have an impact in fields ranging from art to agriculture, health care to nonprofits, advertising to computer science.

The skills learned in these programs arm graduates with the skills to start their own companies in a variety of fields — even the arts.

To get more educators into the classroom faster, Washington State offers a simplified process to get an educator degree.

The field of project management offers an opportunity that’s poised for growth and highly in demand.

Understanding your child’s learning style is critical to successful home teaching.

As more of us start working from home, we’re learning the hard way that we’re facing increased security threats from hackers.

Self-care recommendations that help first responders cope with stress offer lessons for us all. 

Sharpening communications skills and learning how to weave diverse experiences into a cohesive mission builds a stronger organization.

Access to resources and changes in public perception create opportunities for better overall health.

'Life experience' programs are becoming increasingly common and are currently available at most accredited online colleges.

Short, focused bursts of learning, repeated over time, helps beat the 'forgetting curve.'

Continuing education is critical for every worker seeking to maintain their individual employability and relevancy.

Understanding and utilization of artificial intelligence in today’s highly complex workplace is more important than ever.

Evidence-based learning is best for self-starters with related work experience, who can progress toward their degree by demonstrating mastery of skills.

Project management is the discipline of initiating, planning, executing, and managing a team to complete a project under given constraints.

There are ways to get started and work toward the larger whole, one step at a time.

Teaching is a good career move for someone looking for more fulfillment from their career, or someone who is passionate about a particular subject.

Every employee doesn’t have to speak fluent tech, but they do need to use the digital innovations at work in their company.

Understanding why we make decisions, who they impact and the effects on ourselves and others are all facets of leadership.

For many, the flexibility of online programs is paramount to completing their education.

Most cities, Seattle included, employ a Housing First strategy in driving down the number of those who are homeless.

Project managers help define the scope, time frame, budget and resources needed to take projects from plan to reality.

Advancements in augmented reality/virtual reality have yet to be fully felt, but business are seeing the early waves of disruption.

Ellen Carruth (City University of Seattle)

The Washington Department of Health approved a new educational pathway for mental health professionals.

Earning a college degree is a challenge for any student, but it can be particularly difficult for adults.

Master in Teaching graduate Nicole Carroll celebrates her future as a teacher at CityU’s commencement ceremony in June 2016. (City University of Seattle)

Starting in 2019, teachers in Washington state will have to document professional development in STEM disciplines.