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City University of Seattle is a private nonprofit university dedicated to providing high quality, relevant education from associate to doctoral degrees. CityU’s flexible schedule, multiple locations, and online classes are designed for working adults and students who cannot pause their schedules to get the degree they want.

Every employee doesn’t have to speak fluent tech, but they do need to use the digital innovations at work in their company.

Understanding why we make decisions, who they impact and the effects on ourselves and others are all facets of leadership.

For many, the flexibility of online programs is paramount to completing their education.

Most cities, Seattle included, employ a Housing First strategy in driving down the number of those who are homeless.

Project managers help define the scope, time frame, budget and resources needed to take projects from plan to reality.

Advancements in augmented reality/virtual reality have yet to be fully felt, but business are seeing the early waves of disruption.

Ellen Carruth (City University of Seattle)

The Washington Department of Health approved a new educational pathway for mental health professionals.

Earning a college degree is a challenge for any student, but it can be particularly difficult for adults.

Master in Teaching graduate Nicole Carroll celebrates her future as a teacher at CityU’s commencement ceremony in June 2016. (City University of Seattle)

Starting in 2019, teachers in Washington state will have to document professional development in STEM disciplines.

Personally identifiable information, health records and financial accounts are at risk without proper security.