Tell us your story

The Seattle Times Project Homeless is seeking guest columnists to write about their experiences with homelessness. Essays should describe personal stories of living in homelessness, and can make a strong solutions-oriented argument. Columns should be between 300 and 500 words in length. We give highest priority to local writers writing about local topics and would welcome strong writers who want to become regular guest columnists. How to submit
  • We prefer submissions to be made by email. To ensure your submission will be considered in the most timely fashion, please send it to Project Homeless engagement editor Scott Greenstone:
  • Please include the text of the submission in the body of the email or in an attached Microsoft Word document. Please do not send us files in PDF format.
  • Please include the author’s name and topic in the subject line of the email. We do not publish guest essays written anonymously or under pseudonyms.
  • If possible, include a headshot of the author, minimum size 30 KB, and a biography of 30 words or fewer. If one is not available, we can make arrangements to take a photo.
  • Please include Web URLs for statistics, facts and reports mentioned in your op-ed submission.
Here are some writing guidelines you may find useful
  • This a personal essay; make it personal. The goal is to help Seattle Times readers understand the experiences of people who are experiencing or who have experienced homelessness.
  • Make a solution-oriented argument and state it forcefully.
  • Be civil. It’s perfectly appropriate to strongly criticize ideas, reasoning or positions that you disagree with. But it is not appropriate to make personal attacks.
  • Be patient. We usually work at least a week in advance.
  • Be willing to submit photos, videos graphs and charts. They help explain the issue and often enhance the visual presentation.
  • Please don’t use specialized jargon. Use common English.
Have more questions? Contact Scott Greenstone ( or Project Homeless editor Jonathan Martin ( or 206-464-2605.