At some point the Seahawks need to find that next wave of young players if they are going to remain successful.

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Let’s get this out of the way up front: Any list ranking players is subjective at best. But with that disclaimer in mind, the Seahawks ranked last on ESPN’s list of teams with the best under-25 talent for the second consecutive season. That’s in part because the Seahawks have so many talented players between ages 25 and 30 — what they refer to as their core. But at some point the Seahawks must find that next wave of young players to remain successful. Here are the five players under 25 who must have productive seasons:

Justin Britt

age 24, offensive lineman

The question with Britt: What position will he play for the Seahawks moving forward? After starting all of his rookie season last year at right tackle, Britt switched to left guard after the first exhibition game. Was that decision a reflection of his performance at right tackle or the Seahawks’ unhappiness with their options at left guard? Either way, Britt should factor into the Seahawks’ plans on the offensive line for at least the next few years, and they will need him to become a stable force on what has been an unstable line the past couple years.

Tyler Lockett

age 22, wide receiver

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He has done nothing in the preseason to extinguish the hype he received as a return man. A kickoff return and punt return for touchdowns tend to help those matters. But although Lockett gives the Seahawks a much-needed upgrade as a return man, he could be just as valuable down the road as a receiver. The Seahawks have not had much success drafting their receivers — Chris Harper, Kris Durham, Kevin Norwood — but at some point they need to hit at the position to continue giving Russell Wilson talented options. Lockett looks like the best bet to do so, even if it’s down the road.

Frank Clark

age 22, defensive lineman

Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett have been anchors on the defensive line the past two seasons, but both are 29. Clark is their heir apparent, and the Seahawks need him to become a valuable pass rusher for their defense to remain elite. The secondary gets much of the attention, and deservedly so, but the Seahawks’ defense really took off in 2013 when Avril and Bennett arrived to shore up what had been a spotty pass rush. Clark is next in line and is capable of playing both outside and inside along the line; that versatility has suited Bennett well and could do the same for Clark.

Jordan Hill

age 24, defensive tackle

Hill flashed his potential late last season. He looked quick at the line of scrimmage. He was disruptive. He cleaned up quarterbacks who tried to step up in the pocket. He simply made you realize he was on the field, which is no small task for a defensive tackle. But then Hill got hurt, and that’s been the give-and-take in his young career: Lots of potential, but can he stay healthy? Both Brandon Mebane and Ahtya Rubin are in the final years of their contracts, and Hill is a likely replacement if he can stay on the field.

Tye Smith

age 22, cornerback

This very well could be Tharold Simon, another corner who is 24. The point is that the Seahawks will need another cornerback to do what Brandon Browner, Byron Maxwell and Walter Thurmond have done the past few years: hold down a spot opposite Richard Sherman. The Seahawks have had success at doing that, but it’s never a sure thing that the magic can be repeated again. Smith and Simon are the two most likely candidates to do that long term. Smith is still just a rookie and highly raw; Simon has played well at times but has struggled to stay healthy in his career. The Seahawks need to hit on one of the two.