Anthony Ray (Sir-Mix-A-Lot) had the 1988 hit “Posse On Broadway” and is pictured at the Dick’s Drive-In on Broadway in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle Sunday June 20, 2021. (Bettina Hansen / The Seattle Times)
Anthony Ray (Sir Mix-A-Lot) wrote "Dick's is the place where the cool hang out" in his 1988 hit, "Posse On Broadway." (Bettina Hansen / The Seattle Times)
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Seattle’s hip history, from Jackson Street jazz clubs to Sir Mix-A-Lot … and even Lake Union houseboats

Another Top 10 list, another honor for Seattle. As usual, Seattle was named the country's most hipster-friendly city. However you define "hipster," the city has a long history of cool, going back to the Jackson Street jazz clubs. VIEW