Readers share stories about their commuting difficulties during this week's winter storm.

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Readers share their memories about commutes from hell Monday evening. (Go here to add your story, and read even more accounts from tired drivers and bus riders.):

Hokey777: I left east Lake Union around 4:30 to pick up my wife at Terry and Mercer. Getting to Terry was not a problem in our Nissan Murano AWD, but while on the way, I could see that getting on I-5 South was going to be difficult because Mercer was a mess. Almost everyone wanted to go I-5 North, and for some reason the express lanes were closed so 4 lanes down to one. We left Terry at 5:15, and with some mad driving skills and a proper course laid in, I weaved in and out of the cars that were getting no traction, and within minutes we were on our way in the carpool lane heading home to Kent East Hill.

Traffic started slowing at Boeing field and then came to a halt and we were going nowhere. ALL LANES BLOCKED at the Duwamish curve about 2 miles ahead. We were trapped and for the next 9 hours, we would move a couple car lengths in an hour. Finally, around 2am, and a 1/4 tank of gas later, things started to move at about 2 mph.

Once we reached the elevated spot where all of this occurred earlier, cars and trucks were still sliding everywhere. A semi was spinning his wheels blocking left lanes and numerous cars were abandoned on the right. But we made it through and it was smooth sailing from there. We turned down our street and into the garage we went and the time was 2:32 a.m. 10 hour commute!

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