Couple planned wedding around the Ravens

Good thing they’re not big fans of, say, the Cleveland Browns.

Baltimore natives Laura “Daisy” Sudano, 44, and Jim Pellegrini, 42 — who’d vowed not to get married until the Ravens made it to the Super Bowl again — are finally fulfilling their promise on Saturday.

The two met at a party on Super Bowl Sunday 13 years ago, the only other time the Ravens played in the big game — hence their nuptial vow. And not only will their wedding take place in New Orleans, but they have tickets to the Ravens-49ers game there the following day.

“How many men can say their honeymoon is a Super Bowl?” Sudano told ABC News.

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They’re licked

The U.S. Postal Service has raised the cost of a stamp by a penny, to 46 cents.

How embarrassing for the Charlotte Bobcats: David Stern got a letter marked “postage due” when they mailed it in this season.

This just in

“The women’s champion has been decided at the Australian Open,” reported RJ Currie of “Victoria Azarenka beat Li Na, eight syllables to two.”

Deerleg Left Dept.

Since golfer Vijay Singh gave deer-antler spray a try, does that mean he putts for doe now?

Pro Bowling for dollars

“Why should they continue the Pro Bowl?” mused Len Berman of “Sunday night’s Pro Bowl did an overnight rating of 7.7. The 2012 World Series had an average rating of 7.6. Case closed.”

Breakfast waffles

Retired (we think) QB Brett Favre is scheduled to appear on NFL Network’s 8 ½-hour edition of “NFL GameDay Morning” on Super Bowl Sunday.

Subject to changing his mind three or four times before then, of course.

Quoth the mavens

• Syndicated columnist Norman Chad, after oft-maligned Ravens QB Joe Flacco beat Peyton Manning and Tom Brady in successive playoff games on the road: “Which is like outacting Al Pacino and Robert De Niro in back-to-back mob films.”

• NBC’s Jimmy Fallon, after 49ers receiver Randy Moss told his teammates they’re in New Orleans on a business trip, not to have fun: “Then he went back to his job: catching a ball for money.”

• Headline at “Ray Lewis plays in Pro Bowl after hearing there are cameras there.”

• Comedy writer Alan Ray, on reports that some Alabama football players dabbled with deer-antler spray: “Unexpected result: They now get down in an 8-point stance.”


Actress Ashley Judd and three-time Indy 500 champ Dario Franchitti are separating after 11 years of marriage, and the divvy-up has already begun.

As in he gets the cars, she gets the Kentucky basketball tickets.

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