not! "We share our misery with no one but ourselves," Jack Harbaugh, 77, told the San Francisco Chronicle, saying he and his wife Jackie...

Party at the Harbaughs — not!

“We share our misery with no one but ourselves,” Jack Harbaugh, 77, told the San Francisco Chronicle, saying he and his wife Jackie will be alone with their TV in the basement of their Mequon, Wis., home on Sunday, watching sons John and Jim coach in the NFL’s conference-championship games.

It was certainly misery a year ago, when John’s Ravens and Jim’s 49ers both lost at this juncture. But the Harbaughs hit the trifecta last Saturday, when both sons — and son-in-law Tom Crean, basketball coach of No. 5 Indiana — all won their games.

“My parents are in their 70s,” Jim Harbaugh told the Chronicle. “That’s a lot of excitement, that’s a lot of action. That’s like going back-to-back-to-back, like three ’24’ episodes in a row.”

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• At “All of Lance Armstrong’s Little League Baseball home runs to be asterisked.”

• At “Adrian Peterson re-tears ACL in preparation for 2013 season.”

Spurred to action

A lawyer has filed a class-action lawsuit against the San Antonio Spurs for sitting their top four players in a Nov. 29 game against Miami.

The Spurs immediately threatened to countersue if he rests his case.

News flash

Dateline San Diego: Chargers fans giddy over hiring of Broncos’ offensive coordinator — then learn it’s not Peyton Manning.

Pre-emptive move

“Miss New York, Mallory Hytes Hagan, was crowned Miss America at Planet Hollywood on Saturday night,” noted Ron Kantowski of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “Just to be on the safe side, Brent Musburger apologized.”

Quote marks

• Comedy writer Alan Ray, on why it took so long for NHL owners and players to reach a labor agreement: “The union’s original demand would have bankrupted the league — free dental.”

• Reader K.F., to, on Lance Armstrong’s pending confession: “Time for people to mark out the ‘V’ on their Livestrong bracelets. Because that’s what he did.”

• Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, to reporters, on his willingness to trade to improve his struggling team: “The ‘Bank of Cuban’ is open.”

• NBC’s Jimmy Fallon, on Jets backup QB Tim Tebow selling his own line of headphones: “You can tell they are Tim Tebow headphones. Once you hook it up to your iPod, it barely plays.”

Meet Mrs. Magoo

A 67-year-old Belgian woman wound up in Croatia — 900 miles from her driving destination — because of a GPS mishap.

And you thought your last tee shot was a bad drive?

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