Cold weather? What cold weather? Tigers outfielder Torii Hunter says playing in a spring chill — as in 35-degree weather and 17-mph...

Cold weather? What cold weather?

Tigers outfielder Torii Hunter says playing in a spring chill — as in 35-degree weather and 17-mph wind for Monday’s season opener at Minnesota — can be dealt with.

“You put Vaseline on your legs and on your arms … close your pores up,” Hunter told the Saint Paul Pioneer Press. “And then you put your sleeves on and two pair of underwear. And you just play, kind of zone it out.

“When you’re at the plate facing that pitcher, you really don’t think about anything until you hit one off the end of the bat, and while you’re running, you’re like, ‘I think I left my hands back at the plate.’ “

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Sports quiz

“Everything I experienced in college through basketball as a student-athlete prepared me for the Marine Corps” was said by:

a) Ex-Georgia Tech guard Robert Brooks, after serving stints in Iraq and Afghanistan.

b) Any Rutgers player the past couple seasons.

Points taken

The Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony had 37 points on the stat sheet before accumulating his first rebound, assist, steal or foul against the Heat on Tuesday night.

Which certainly puts a whole new spin on “all-or-nothing player.”

Will rep for food

What, agent Scott Boras worry after losing Yankee star Robinson Cano as a client?

“He reportedly had close to $300 million in baseball contracts in 2012,” pointed out Len Berman of “If he earns a typical fee of 4 percent — well, you can do the math.”

Shock treatment

Welcome to Atlanta, Wichita State.

“Now THIS is what a Final Four is supposed to look like,” wrote Michael Rosenberg of “We have a clear favorite (Louisville), two teams that could plausibly win it (Michigan and Syracuse) and a random team that appears to have accidentally hopped on the wrong bus.”

Talking the talk

• Comedian Argus Hamilton, after President Obama hit just 2 of 22 basketball shots during the White House Easter Egg Roll: “That night, he was demoted from Commander-in-Chief to Washington General.”

• Headline at “Rutgers basketball gets commitment from highly-touted 5-star masochist.”

• Shaquille O’Neal, to AP, on his biggest NBA regrets: “Missing 200 games and missing 5,000 free throws.”

• Comedy writer Alan Ray, on why Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg is such an anomaly in D.C.: “When he’s on the hill, something actually gets done.”

Gut-check time

JaMarcus Russell, the corpulent QB bust, is back under 300 pounds as he attempts another NFL comeback.

Regaining his touch on drop-back passes should be no problem, fitness gurus say, once he gets the roll out.

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