What, they couldn't find "Three Blind Mice" to play over the PA system? Chris Clark, an assistant coach for the Wenatchee Wild junior A...

What, they couldn’t find “Three Blind Mice” to play over the PA system?

Chris Clark, an assistant coach for the Wenatchee Wild junior A hockey team, donned some dark glasses, walked onto the ice and used a hockey stick as a white cane, tapping it at the referee’s feet to show what he thought of the ref’s calls.

“The fans loved it,” wrote the Wenatchee World’s Jon Frank. “The officiating staff did not.”

As in, Clark was immediately ejected.


• At Fark.com: “LeBron tackles a fan at half court / New Orleans Saints offer him starting linebacker job.”

• At SportsPickle.com: “30-second Pro Bowl ad space selling for upwards of 47 dollars.”

Technical foul

ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos was left red-faced when he scanned the crowd during President Obama’s inaugural address and mistook NBA Hall of Famer Bill Russell for actor Morgan Freeman.

No biggie: Back in the day, Sonics scouts kept mistaking draft-day stiffs for Bill Russell.

Fall classic

ABC is about to unveil a celebrity-diving TV show called:

a) “Splash”

b) The NBA

c) World Cup soccer

Alpine Woods

So, golfer Tiger Woods is reportedly dating skier Lindsey Vonn?

Guess he just wants a look-see at a career that goes downhill on purpose.

Pay up

Turns out that Michael Drysch — the fan who won $75,000 by sinking a halfcourt shot at a Miami Heat game — will have to pay $22,000 in taxes on it.

“No comment,” snapped Drysch’s new financial adviser, Phil Mickelson.

Mystery caller

One day a report says the phone voice of Manti Te’o’s fake girlfriend belonged to the man who masterminded the hoax. Now another says it was the man’s female cousin.

Either way, disc jockeys haven’t fielded this many on-air requests for “L-O-L-A, Lola” in years.

Flying sequins

Police were called to a Toronto-area hotel Sunday after eight figure skaters — in town for the Canadian championships — got into a fight.

For want of a penalty box, each got five minutes in the kiss-and-cry room.

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