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Former Washington Huskies star Nate Robinson, a guard with the Denver Nuggets entering his 10th NBA season, talked about hoops and his new book, “Heart over Height,” in a live online chat Thursday. The highlights:

Q: When did the book project come together?

Robinson: The process started after the game when I had 34 points against the Brooklyn Nets. That’s when I decided I had to write a book.

Q: What Seahawk do you think would make the best B-ball player?

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Robinson: I would say Golden Tate, but he’s not on the Seahawks anymore. So I’m going to have to go with Earl Thomas. Because he’s a “Heart Over Height” guy.

Q: How’s the ACL rehab going? When can we see you back in action?

Robinson: Rehab is coming along great, and hopefully you guys will see me ready to go for training camp.

Q: Favorite guy in the NBA?

Robinson: My favorite player in the NBA is Isaiah Thomas.

Q: Did a lot of people in Denver give you a hard time for being a Seahawks fan?

Robinson: Yes, they did, and I stand as a STRONG Seahawks fan among all the Broncos fan in Denver. I’m all about the 12th Man.

Q: I am reading your book now. Seems like Rick Neuheisel getting fired spurred your B-ball career and rise to stardom.

Robinson: If coach Neuheisel wouldn’t have gotten fired, Nate Robinson would have played football for all the years I was in college.

Q: Who would win a dunk contest between you and Terrence Ross?

Robinson: I’m a three-time NBA slam dunk champion.

Q: What do you think Husky hoops needs to do to start contending again?

Robinson: We need to recruit local talent. Guys like Zach LaVine should have gone to the U-Dub.

Q: Biggest celeb you’ve met?

Robinson: I just met LL Cool J. I was like, “wow.” He was one of the biggest rapping icons ever. And I met Martin Lawrence. I’m a big movie guy, and “Martin” was like crazy.

Q: I saw the latest State of Nate video and it looks like your kids love you very much. What are your policies in raising your kids?

Robinson: Just to embrace your children. I treat my kids the way I would have wanted to be treated when I was a kid. Now my kids are spoiled brats because of me. I just do everything for my kids.

Q: You were great on the Jimmy Kimmel show. Do you think you’d want to go into acting after basketball is over?

Robinson: Certainly.

Q: What’s the best vertical-jump program that has helped improve your hops the most?

Robinson: I don’t have one. That’s all natural abilities.

Q: Have you ever had a time in your career when you thought it was time to walk away from basketball?

Robinson: Not yet.

Q: Name your fantasy starting five.

Robinson: PG, Isaiah Thomas. SG, Jamal Crawford. SF, Kevin Durant. PF, Kevin Love. C, Joakim Noah. That’s a cold five right there.

Q: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever received from a fan?

Robinson: A cool thing was when I take pictures with fans when they were younger and they send it to me years later.

Q: Did you ever consider running track in college? A lot of people don’t know you set the state record for 110 hurdles.

Robinson: I didn’t want to run track because the hurdles were too high and I didn’t want to waste all of my energy jumping.

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