And you wonder why college athletes want to unionize?

When Ohio State wrestler Logan Stieber captured an NCAA title on March 22, it triggered an incentive clause worth an additional $18,447.94 — for Buckeyes AD Gene Smith.


• At “NFL owners unanimously vote to make more money by any means necessary.”

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• At “Mark Cuban warns NFL’s popularity may begin to wane in next millennium.”

The old college retry

Manhattan College placed coach Steve Masiello on leave while allegations that he lied about graduating from Kentucky are investigated.

Masiello is reportedly using the free time to polish up his doctoral thesis at Harvard.

Injury of the Week

Canucks forward Alex Burrows chipped his front tooth.

Biting into a granola bar.

Not-so-Final Four

“To add some spice to the NCAA tournament,” wrote Brad Dickson of the Omaha (Neb.) World-Herald, “how about the winner plays the Philadelphia 76ers?”

Impressing the brass

Pole dancing just held its first-ever awards show.

Which, once and for all, finally settles the eternal argument: So, who’s No. 1 in the poles?

Why bother?

“Should fans rush the court after a NIT victory,” asked Jeff Gordon of, “or just shrug and go home?”

Talking the talk

• Neil Davidson of The Canadian Press, on criticism of Toronto FC’s playing surface on opening day on the heels of a brutal winter: “Getting a pitch ready for spring is not like popping a burrito in the microwave.”

• RJ Currie of, after the Nationals’ Jayson Werth said there’s “nothing harder in the galaxy” than hitting a baseball: “There’s a guy who’s never had to tell his wife he forgot their anniversary.”

• Texans running back Arian Foster, via Twitter, when asked for his NCAA tournament prediction: “NCAA will win. They’ll get billions, players get a trophy.”

• Janice Hough of, on Tuesday’s Knicks-Lakers matchup on TNT: “I’ll take ‘Games that looked good when they drew up the schedule’ for $500, Alex.”

Quarterback Sacks Dept.

Levi Strauss & Co. — name sponsor for the 49ers’ new Levi’s Stadium — says it will lay off 800 workers in the next 12-18 months.

Well, that’s one way to make sure Colin Kaepernick gets his $100 million.

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