Nice catch, Dad!

Marty Gregor, who’d driven five hours to watch his son Conrad play for Class A Quad Cities in Davenport, Iowa, last Saturday, wound up catching Conrad’s first home run of the season — barehanded.

“I didn’t know he was going to be out there,” Conrad Gregor told “Then I saw it on video after and I just started laughing, and that was really cool that he caught it. Didn’t need a glove. Pretty good hands from the old man.”


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Do As I Say Dept.

The Chicago Cubs have hired loose cannon Manny Ramirez as a player-coach for their Class AAA Iowa farm team.

What, wasn’t Albert Belle available?

Lend me your ears

There’s rumblings that a third political party is about to be organized in Nebraska.

Thus joining the Cornhusker Party and … what’s the other one, again?

Crime doesn’t repay

Police in Panama City, Fla., arrested a man who tried to pay his $400 trespassing fine with counterfeit cash.

Apparently the Andrew Jackson on the bogus $20 bills bore a striking resemblance to Bobby Bowden.

That’s your brawlgame

Benches emptied and three players were ejected after the Rays’ Yunel Escobar pilfered third base against the Red Sox with an 8-3 lead in the seventh inning.

Apparently there’s a fine line between trying to run it up and playing under the must-score system.

End game

The jersey that Jets QB Mark Sanchez wore during his infamous “butt fumble” in 2012 has sold for $820.

$820? Imagine what they could get for Brandon Moore’s pants!

Quote marks

• Washington State football coach Mike Leach, to, on filling out a coaching staff with historical figures: “Head coach: George Washington; offensive coordinator: Geronimo; offensive assistant: Tarzan; defensive coordinator: Winston Churchill; defensive assistant: Daniel Boone.”

• Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun, on why the Oakland A’s would be a great playoff hockey team: “They’re 19-3 when scoring first.”

• Comedy writer Alan Ray, on what the French Open and David Cassidy have in common: “A lot of doubles before noon.”

• Razorbacks baseball coach Dave Van Horn, to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, on returning home from an 11-day road trip: “I figure my dogs will bark at me because they won’t know who I am.”

Can’t bust this Bronc

Broncos pass-catcher Wes Welker says he won’t give back his ill-gotten $14,000 from a Derby Day tote malfunction at Churchill Downs.

Or to put it in football terms: Hey, I’m a receiver, not a return guy.

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