Strike up the fight song! Palisades (Calif.) Charter High School has suspended its cheerleading coach, KTLA-TV reported, because she allegedly...

Strike up the fight song!

Palisades (Calif.) Charter High School has suspended its cheerleading coach, KTLA-TV reported, because she allegedly coerced two of them to settle a dispute with their fists — leaving one with a black eye — and then swore them to secrecy about it.


• From Times reader Ray Wilson: “Felix Hernandez buys Mariners, promptly declares ‘player salaries are out of control.’ “

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• At “NCAA hits itself with lack of institutional control.”

Tee shots in orbit

President Barack Obama, after playing a round of golf with Tiger Woods, told San Francisco’s KGO-TV that Tiger “plays a different game than I do. He’s on another planet.”

Venus, no doubt.

It’s the Romomobile

Dallas owner Jerry Jones motored into Indianapolis for the NFL Scouting Combine in style — aboard a new $2 million luxury bus.

Reflecting the Cowboys’ recent fortunes, it stalls on most drives.

Bottom of the fifth?

Ex-catcher Joe Garagiola — finally calling it quits as a part-time Diamondbacks broadcaster at age 87 — recalled a mound visit to pitcher Cliff Stein with clutch-hitting Dusty Rhodes coming up to bat.

“Dusty was known to take a drink now and again,” Garagiola told AP. “I said I don’t care what you are going to throw, but don’t hit him in the back pocket or we’ll have Jack Daniels all over home plate.”

Stat of the day

From New Jersey Nets number-crunchers, via Twitter: “Nets now 32-0 when outscoring opponent this season.”

He’s got what it takes

And from the Art Imitates Life File, notes Times reader Bill Littlejohn, “Lew Temple — Axel from The Walking Dead — was once a scout for the Houston Astros.”

Talking the talk

• President Obama, to KGO-TV, on why he and Tiger Woods made a perfect golf pairing: “He knew that I wasn’t a big threat to his world ranking, and I knew that I better keep my day job.”

• Magic Johnson, to ESPN, when asked if Big Ten basketball was ever any stronger than it is this year: “Yeah, when I played.”

• Comedy writer Alan Ray, on the 19-36 Sacramento Kings: “It ain’t over till the fat lady sings — the national anthem.”

• TNT’s Conan O’Brien, on speculation that the next pope could be the cardinal from Boston: “If he gets the job, he’ll be the first pope to make you kiss his 2007 World Series ring.”

Painting the plaque

The minor-league Omaha Storm Chasers’ ballpark will boast an added accouterment this season — an 8-foot statue of hard-nosed Cardinals pitching great Bob Gibson.

Poetic justice? Local pigeons are already hatching plans to come in high and tight.

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