"Animal House" lives! On the very campus where they filmed the 1978 classic, life imitated art this week when the University of Oregon's...

“Animal House” lives!

On the very campus where they filmed the 1978 classic, life imitated art this week when the University of Oregon’s third-ranked Ultimate Frisbee club team — already on double-secret probation — had the plug pulled on its season for playing rival Oregon State in the nude, the Eugene Register-Guard reported.

The team was already in trouble for getting four speeding tickets on its way to a competition at Stanford and for serving alcohol to underage students.

A five-student board upheld the ban despite team co-captain Dusty Becker’s assertion that “speeding, drinking, nudity — they’re not bad things. They’re things a big portion of the community doesn’t think are wrong.”

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Added Steve Kenton, the other co-captain: “I came to the UO to play Frisbee. That may sound silly, but a lot of people do.”

On the bright side, at least Dean Wormer didn’t threaten to call their draft boards first thing Monday morning.

Go figure

According to “A-Rod,” a soon-to-be published book by Sports Illustrated writer Selena Roberts, Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez’s steroid use may have started as far back as his high-school days.

Teachers suspected something was up when he no longer needed a batting donut on his No. 2 pencil.

The Lion King

Among the top 10 thoughts that went through Matthew Stafford’s mind on draft day, as read by the Lions’ No. 1 pick on CBS’s David Letterman show:

• “You don’t often hear, ‘Congratulations, you’re going to Detroit.’

• “If the Lions win one game this year, I’m a hero.

• “Why does Jessica Simpson keep calling me?”

Fall classic

A 9-year-old girl playing sandlot baseball in Portland was miraculously rescued by her playmates after she plunged about 20 feet when an old septic system gave way while she was running to first base, KPTV reported.

Or to put it in baseball terms, she went deep in the hole.

Quote marks

• Sally Quinn of The Washington Post, after the Rangers accused the Capitals of biting, spitting and name-calling in their playoff series: “Next, they will complain the Caps didn’t share their postgame juice boxes.”

• Dan Daly of the Washington Times, on reports that singer Celine Dion might try to buy the Montreal Canadiens: “What’s next, Susan Boyle attempting a hostile takeover of Manchester United?”

• Headline at Fark.com: “Yankees to build new $900 million summer vacation stadium in the Hamptons.”

• NBC’s Len Berman, on the possibility of London hosting a Super Bowl: “While we’re at it, why don’t we just stage the Kentucky Derby in Dubai?”

Pass the candy

The makers of M&M’s announced that the popular candy is now available in the colors of all 30 NBA teams.

Enhancing the authenticity, the Clippers M&M’s even melt in your hands.

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