Hype, hype, hooray!

The Washington Kastles of World TeamTennis had their 34-match winning streak snapped this month, leading AP to declare — apparently with a straight face — that “the longest winning streak in major U.S. pro sports history is over.”

The NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers won 33 straight in 1971-72.


• At SportsPickle.com: “Astros’ All-Star representative amazed by everyone making contact in batting practice.”

• At TheOnion.com: “Prince Fielder dominates home-run eating contest.”

Ball four

Statisticians are still scrambling to cipher the minuscule odds after four baseballs were amazingly caught in the same game Sunday by:

a) Cleveland Indians fan Greg Van Niel

b) an unidentified Miami Marlins player

On second thought

Just three days after saying he had no interest in playing for the Knicks, free agent Metta World Peace signed a two-year deal with them.

As an added bonus, he’s also the odds-on favorite to win this year’s Brett Favre/Waffle House Award.

Sports quiz

The World Series is played to determine:

a) the champion of Major League Baseball

b) home-field advantage for the next All-Star Game

Heard in passing

One reason Dwight Howard left the Lakers for Houston, according to a widely quoted source, was because Kobe Bryant wouldn’t “pass the torch.”

“Good grief,” wrote Bob Molinaro of the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot. “What did Howard expect?” Kobe won’t even pass the ball.”

Out of business

Hear about the guy who owned an all-you-can-eat joint who woke up in a cold sweat?

Apparently he’d just dreamed that Joey Chestnut walked in the front door.

Quote machine

• Comedian Argus Hamilton, on the NFL’s run of player arrests: “It’s gotten so bad that the New England Patriots just hired Robert Shapiro to be the team’s defensive coordinator.”

• Comedy writer Alan Ray, on telltale signs that sprinter Tyson Gay was using performance-enhancing drugs: “At a recent meet he broke a personal best — of Chuck Yeager’s.”

• NBC’s Jay Leno, on the dying Cleveland fan who requested six Browns players serve as his pallbearers: “The bad news? They fumbled the coffin 5 yards from the grave.”

• Greg Cote of The Miami Herald, on the Miami Spice’s 2-0 start in the fledgling Bikini Basketball Association: “I don’t know much about the BBA. I just pray it’s a women’s league.”

Advance scouting

Dodger Stadium security has reprimanded Yasiel Puig’s personal interpreter for trying to help the rookie outfielder score dates with female fans in the stands, ESPN reported.

Just who does the guy he think he’s working for, A-Rod?

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