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Editor’s note: Seattle Times reporter Jayda Evans will have a weekly conversation with a newsmaker in the WNBA. This week she speaks with Minnesota rookie Lindsey Moore, who led Kentwood High to the Class 4A title in 2009.

Seattle Times: What’s it like going against All-Star point guard Lindsay Whalen, a member of USA Basketball’s gold-medal team?

Moore: Any little mistake that I make, she exploits. It’s good for me going against someone like that because she’s one of the best in the world. But anytime with ball-screens, she’s just so savvy off the ball picks. Any way I would go, she’d just burn me the other way. It’s such a tough spot for me to be in because I don’t know what to do! She’s so good with her fundamentals and footwork, you take one thing away and she just counters. Luckily she hasn’t knocked me on my (backside). A lot of learning has been going on.

Q: Your first WNBA points were at the free throw line in a win against Phoenix on Minnesota’s home court, Target Center. Were you nervous?

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Moore: I’m the worst when it comes to “firsts.” At the free throw line I’m thinking, ‘Please don’t air ball. That would be really embarrassing.’ (In preseason) I missed the second because I could see my reflection (in the backboard). The moving caught my eye.

Q: Tell me how y’all deal with your names? Whalen shares your first name, although spelled differently, and Maya Moore shares your last name.

Moore: They call me “LMo” and Lindsay Whalen “Whay” or “Weezy” or “DJ Whay” or Weezy F Baby – whatever it is. Maya is “My-My.” So, there’s no confusion.

Q: Minnesota played back-to-back games at KeyArena in September, giving you a long period at home, but what’s your experience on the court?

Moore: We used to be season-ticket holders and after the games they’d let you come down to the court and shoot a free throw, but other than that I’ve never played here. My favorite thing was doing the train (with Doppler during a fourth-quarter timeout) and I never knew where my mom was. A bunch of moms would be waving but it doesn’t help me because they’re not my mom. I also had a birthday party at a Storm game and received a ball from Sue Bird. So, it’s weird to me to be playing on this court.

Q: You must like Minnesota’s tradition of having kids come on the court after games to dance with you to the Sugarhill Gang’s “Jump on It,” since you were once that starry-eyed kid?

Moore: I don’t really like to speak in front of a whole lot of people but I’ll dance. It’s fun. Sue and Lindsey Whalen were my idols so, yeah, I get it.

Q: Minnesota and Seattle will play a best-of-three first round playoff series against each other this week and the Lynx are predicted to win the WNBA title, which could carry your season into October. Will you take a break after going from a college into a pro career?

Moore: I’m going to go play in Italy. I thought it would be a cool experience; the team is two-hours north of Milan. I don’t speak Italian, so I’ve got to learn.

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