What others are saying about Briney Griner.

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“These kids that are coming through, like Brittney (Griner), they look fantastic and strong and athletic, so it’s really exciting. It’s going to make a lot of people work harder on their game and try to get better to compete.”

— Storm center Lauren Jackson, a three-time MVP

“She’s on ESPN every day, and I think she’s on again going across that ticker tape. But I think she’s handling it well because she really loves the game. She doesn’t think she’s bigger than the game. She respects the game, comes into camp and wants to learn.”

— Phoenix coach Corey Gaines

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“While players come and go that can change the face of how the game has played, most of them are guards. The guards are the ones that dictate and have the ball. They’re the ones that bring it up and pass the ball. Centers, even Wilt (Chamberlin) in his time slot, though he may have scored a hundred zillion points, only won one championship when he was older and playing with good guards like Jerry West. So while Brittney will be a great impact on the game, as far as changing the face of the league and how the league is played, I don’t see that.”

— New York Liberty coach Bill Laimbeer

“There’s really nobody who can match her right now. You always want to make comparisons and say you want to see these two in their prime, so we’d love to see Lisa Leslie in her prime vs. Brittney Griner and that would be an ideal matchup. But what (Brittney) is doing out there on the floor, it’s not fair. It’s like Wilt. She’s only like Wilt. That’s what would be my imagination.”

— Miami Heat star player LeBron James

“Brittney is very comfortable in her own skin and she’s a lot of fun. Every time I think I know everything about her, there’s something else. I was fascinated by the fact that bacon was her game-day food. Then she turned to me and said, ‘You know, now I’m really into alligator.'”

— WNBA president Laurel Richie

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