Biographies of the Storm owners.

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Lisa Brummel

Age: 50, born Nov. 7, 1959, in Oak Park, Ill.

Business suit: Microsoft senior vice president for human resources and member of the company’s senior management team.

Got game?: Former athlete at Yale, named to the Ivy League women’s Hall of Fame for softball. She was MVP on the All-Ivy basketball and softball teams. Picked by the Dallas Diamonds in the fourth round of the 1981 WBL draft.

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Quote me: “Being able to travel with them gives an opportunity for us to be better because you really see everything from beginning to end. If you don’t go in the locker room, if you don’t have your discussions with the coaches, if you just sit up in a box that’s a mile away, you don’t really understand why questions are being asked and resources are being allocated the way they are.”

Anne Levinson

Age: 52, born Feb. 1, 1958, in Topeka, Kan.

Business suit: Has served as a judge, chair of Washington state’s utilities commission, deputy mayor and legal counsel to the mayor of Seattle. Recently appointed independent adviser to the city to review allegations of police misconduct.

Got game?: Levinson also helped Seattle acquire the Seattle Reign of the defunct American Basketball League. She played field hockey in college at Kansas, filing one of the country’s first Title IX complaints.

Quote me: “You saw in the Bush administration, where they tried to decimate Title IX and today where there are arguments about what is actually a sport and what’s not. People make the case that by women getting to compete more, that means men are somehow being harmed. It’s going to be an ongoing fight.”

Dawn Trudeau

Age: 52, born Nov. 6, 1957, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Business suit: Left Microsoft in 1998 after spending 14 years as general manager of consumer products group. Currently managing partner of the Storm and president of the team’s foundation.

Got game?: Didn’t play sports as a youth.

Quote me: “Probably because maybe I wasn’t an athlete, I didn’t have that same experience to really understand the commitment and the work that it takes for these guys to really do what they do on the court that’s so seemingly easy, and it’s not. That, for me, was the biggest, ‘Wow!’ “

Ginny Gilder

Age: 52, born June 4, 1958, in New York, N.Y.

Business suit: Investment business owner and president of family-owned philanthropic entity. Founding executive director of Washington Works, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting welfare recipients in obtaining and retaining livable-wage employment.

Got game?: Won a silver medal in rowing at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games. Member of Yale University’s rowing team from 1977 to 1979; won a bronze medal in single sculls at the 1983 World Championships.

Quote me: “I’ve learned a lot more about basketball than these women because I knew so little. For me, that in some ways is almost secondary. Getting to be part of something that has huge goals and that is about women’s sports and that’s focused on community, that’s really what we’re all about.”

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