Sideline Chatter

Well, it is the exhibition season, right?

A streaker in Cleveland produced the NFL preseason’s longest run — 85 yards — before stadium security finally tackled him in the end zone during last Thursday’s Browns-Lions game.

Anthony Saveriano, 20, has been charged with criminal trespassing, public indecency and backfield in motion.

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• At “Massachusetts evacuated to prevent any contact with Tom Brady’s knee.”

• At “Dodgers ownership gives Don Mattingly vote of confidence.”

Tweet of the Week

From ESPN’s Adam Schefter: “Confirmed: A-Rod’s associates did not turn in Von Miller.”

Paging George Plimpton

The Detroit Lions, despite $248 million in revenue last year, posted an operating loss of $3.5 million last year – the only NFL team to lose money last year – according to Forbes magazine.

Hey, if someone can make a best-seller out of “Moneyball,” why not “Pauper Lion”?

Numbers racket

“0.00004 percent” is in the news because it’s the:

a) Amount of Internet traffic the NSA is purported to monitor

b) Miami Marlins’ batting average with runners in scoring position.

Club medical

Philadelphia Flyers captain Claude Giroux needed finger surgery after a golf club shattered in his hands.

Team officials suggested he stick to playing something a little less dangerous — like, say, hockey.

Poll, Tide

AP preseason voters picked the Alabama Crimson Tide as the near-unanimous No. 1 team in:

a) college football

b) the NFC South

Talko time

• Jay Busbee of, on rocker Gene Simmons buying an arena football team — to be named the L.A. KISS: “The team will run a nontraditional offense: not the pistol, not the shotgun, the Love Gun.”

• Scott Ostler of the San Francisco Chronicle, on Tiger Woods: “The greatest golfer to never win a major since 2008.”

• Blogger TC Chong, from Texas A&M’s latest football injury report: “QB Johnny Manziel, questionable (writer’s cramp).”

• Brad Dickson of the Omaha (Neb.) World-Herald, on the Little League World Series: “It’s just nice to see some baseball players enjoying a growth spurt that’s not PED-related.”

Doggone shame

A zoo in Henan, China was caught trying to pass off a dog as a lion.

Hey, don’t laugh — Matt Millen got away with it for years in Detroit.

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