King of beasts? Not this Lion.

Detroit safety Louis Delmas is regifting his 6-foot alligator Mojo — the result of an egg a teammate gave him five years ago — to the Allen Park Critter Shop, and possibly the Detroit Zoo.

“That gator ate my refrigerator dry,” Delmas told, noting that Mojo was now devouring two big rats three times a week.

And new roommate Kevin Ogletree was taking no chances, saying, “I told him I couldn’t stay there with the gator there, so he had to make some adjustments for the New York City kid.”

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• At “Foreign leaders upset at U.S. tapping phones, giving them Jaguars.”

• At “NFL forbids Chiefs from creating their own schedule again next season.”

On second thought …

Lions receiver Nate Burleson, who broke his arm in a car crash after being distracted by a sliding pizza box on his front seat, was given a year’s supply of pizzas by Digiorno Pizza.

Too bad he didn’t claim it was a jewelry box.

End on a high note

“The way these World Series endings are going,” observed Janice Hough of, “ the fat lady won’t sing, she’ll slip on a banana peel.”

Flight of fancy

Serbia’s new national airline, Air Serbia, has named its first plane after tennis star Novak Djokovic, the first of 14 living Serbs to be so honored.

Royal Jordanian, not to be outdone, immediately christened its first Air Jordan.

Zombie alert

A “Walking Dead” fan convention is scheduled for this weekend in Atlanta.

We’d have guessed Jacksonville: It’s the Jaguars’ bye week.

Why, of course

Jayson Carter, a 4-foot-9 walk-on at Rice, finally got into a game last Saturday and rushed for 1 yard on second-and-eight against UTEP.

In other words, he came up short.

Quote marks

• Steve Schrader of the Detroit Free Press, after Alabama’s Nick Saban chastised Tide fans for prematurely heading for the exits: “Let’s just think about that. Nick Saban is criticizing someone, anyone, for leaving someplace early?”

• Brad Dickson of the Omaha (Neb.) World-Herald, with the last World Series update: “Bad news for the Red Sox: The beards of three players tested positive for performance-enhancers.”

• Len Berman of, after six racing pigeons in Belgium tested positive for cocaine and pain-killers: “What’s next, the Westminster Dog show? The jumping frogs of Calaveras County?”

Getting a leg up

Fireman Adrian Schuler threw a 48½-pound hydrant 23 feet to win the first-time event in Aargau, Switzerland. The event drew 50 competitors and 100 nervous dogs.

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