Richard Sherman, pro rassler?

Not yet. When it comes to post-match TV bluster, says WWE Hall of Fame interviewer “Mean Gene” Okerlund, the Seahawks’ boisterous cornerback had best stick with his day job.

“He does not cut a promo like the Iron Sheik,” Okerlund told the Newark (N.J.) Star-Ledger. “He cannot hold a candle to Nature Boy Ric Flair, either.

“I have heard so many rants and raves over the past 43 years, and quite honestly, Richard will have to do better than that.”

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• From ESPN’s Darren Rovell: “Pizza Hut spokesman: We are not paying QBs who say ‘Hut’ at the line of scrimmage.”

• At “Florida State signee arrested for eating pot at traffic stop, expected to transfer to Miami.”


Super Bowl turning point: Peyton Manning switches from “Omaha” to “Truth or Consequences, New Mexico” in his signal-calling, draws delay-of-game penalty.

Mutt one, mutt two …

Among the top new breeds at this year’s Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, from CBS’s David Letterman:

• Labrador Belieber

• Beagle With Cream Cheese

• Stretch Dachshund

Not so fast

“At the AFC Championship Game, the Omaha Convention & Visitors Bureau carried Peyton Manning off the field,” noted Brad Dickson of the Omaha (Neb.) World-Herald. “Then it had to bring him back because it was only the third quarter.”

Strike up the banned

Some other banned Olympic hockey-helmet slogans, from Kirk Kenney of The San Diego Union-Tribune:

• Switzerland: “You pick a goal, we’re not taking sides”

• Sweden: “ABBA cadabra”

• China: “Made in China”

Quote marks

• Blogger TC Chong, after two pilots landed a Southwest Airlines flight at the wrong airport in Missouri: “This of course answers the question, ‘Whatever happened to some of those NFL replacement officials?’ ”

• Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, to USA Today, on Broncos QB Peyton Manning: “You can’t get inside Peyton’s head. If you do, you’ll get lost.”

• Greg Cote of The Miami Herald, after Dolphin Ryan Tannehill’s wife left an assault rifle in a rental car: “Hey, somebody has to protect the quarterback around here.”

• Times reader Bill Littlejohn, after two men set a world record by watching TV for 87 consecutive hours at a Las Vegas electronics store: “It turned out to be the last two minutes of an NBA game.”

The Natural, Part II

If MLB starts allowing advertising on its jerseys, there’s a perfect fit of a sponsor sitting there for A-Rod:


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