Bet the class won't soon forget this fifth-grader's show-and-tell. Ten-year-old Naomi Kutin of Fairlawn, N. J., competing in the 97-pound...

Bet the class won’t soon forget this fifth-grader’s show-and-tell.

Ten-year-old Naomi Kutin of Fairlawn, N.J., competing in the 97-pound division, broke the women’s world record for the raw squat by lifting more than twice her body weight — 215 pounds — at the RAW Unity weightlifting championships in Corpus Christi, Texas. Not that her schoolmates believed her.

“It was only when I brought in my medal and certificate that they did,” the 4-foot-8, 93-pounder told the London Daily Mail. “Everyone thought it was really cool. It’s great being stronger than everyone I know. I’m always beating the boys in sports at school.”

The previous record — 209 pounds — had been set by a 44-year-old.

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NFL quiz

Sean Payton, the Saints’ suspended coach, will reportedly spend the 2012 season making weekly TV appearances on:

a) Fox’s NFL broadcasts.

b) A&E’s “Dog the Bounty Hunter.”

Wake up, AFC West

“I thought having five kids gave me sleepless nights,” moaned Raiders defensive end Richard Seymour to “Now I have to deal with Peyton (Manning) again.”

Duking it out

Freshman star Austin Rivers, one-and-done? Blue Devils fans hardly knew ye.

Ready-made school slogan: “Duke Basketball: A Rivers Ran Through It.”

And Woody was Sinatra

Ohio State isn’t totally consumed by March Madness? What?

“It’s not that people are completely apathetic,” Adam Neft of Columbus’ WBNS Radio told Yahoo! Sports. “But spring football starts a week from tomorrow. Truthfully, Urban Meyer is just Elvis Presley right now.”

Quote marks

• Hamilton Tiger-Cats guard Peter Dyakowski, to the Vancouver (B.C.) Sun, after former LSU teammate Matt Flynn — the new Seahawks QB — congratulated Dyakowski for winning a CBC reality show looking for Canada’s brightest person: “But he said being the smartest Canadian is like winning a footrace at fat camp.”

• Ex-Cowboys safety Darren Woodson, to Dallas’ KESN Radio, after Hall of Famer Troy Aikman said Tony Romo “already is a better quarterback” than Aikman was: “What did he say? Was he drinking?”

• Steve Schrader of the Detroit Free Press, on the Texas Rangers’ $26 hot dog topped with chili, sauteed onions and shredded cheese: “Hey, these days, do you know a cheaper way to get gas?”

• AP’s Jim Litke, after North Carolina congressman — and Tar Heels fan — Brad Miller said he’d rather root for the Taliban if they were playing Duke: “Guess who’s not running for re-election?”

Reel it in

South Carolina is the latest state angling to make bass fishing an interscholastic varsity sport.

And you thought the football players embellished their high-school exploits at the 20-year reunion?

Dwight Perry: