Geoff Baker:

Seahawks, 24-17

Great defense usually thwarts great offense when titles are on the line.

Jerry Brewer:

Seahawks, 27-23

Marshawn Lynch wins MVP, elevating him to a level of celebrity that he can hardly stand.

Bob Condotta:

Seahawks, 24-21

Seahawks could have an edge if Marshawn Lynch can run effectively and keep Peyton Manning and the Denver offense off the field.

Jayson Jenks:

Seahawks, 28-21

Denver has been prone to turning the ball over this season, and few defenses make you pay for carelessness like the Seahawks.

Joshua Mayers:

Seahawks, 24-23

An epic finish as MVP Russell Wilson leads Seattle on a winning drive in the closing minutes.

Larry Stone:

Seahawks, 31-28

The Seahawks’ defense will provide one score and neutralize Peyton Manning enough for a Seattle victory.