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Highlights of Tuesday’s live Seahawks chat with reporters Bob Condotta and Jayson Jenks:

Q: In your opinion, do you think Russell Wilson is suffering from sophomore-itis right now?

Jayson Jenks: Wilson was really good (in my opinion at least) against Carolina. He had 320 yards, a touchdown, was forced to scramble much of the day. Not sure how he could have been much better. He wasn’t very good against San Francisco, but the 49ers also have a pretty good defense. So, no, I don’t see him suffering from sophomore-itis.

Q: Will the Hawks have to cut anyone for Brandon Browner and Chris Clemons or were they already on the 53-man roster?

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Bob Condotta: No, they won’t. That was actually one of the big moves they made when they set the 53-man, leaving Clemons on the active roster. However, they will have to cut someone when Bruce Irvin comes back in two weeks as he is on the suspended list. So that’ll be interesting. It’s fun being an NFL player, but for the guys at the bottom of the roster, there’s that constant uncertainty, as well.

Q: Think this next game is a trap game possibly?

Jenks: No. Jacksonville is horrible. And it’s at home. I mean, Jacksonville is really, really bad.

Q: What’s going on with Percy Harvin? Is he in Seattle with the team?

Condotta: He is in Seattle now. We see him in the locker room a lot these days now that there is locker room availability for the media during the week. He is not available to the media right now, as is team policy for injured players. But he is there working out. There remains a hope he will be able to return the second half of the season. The earliest he could return is Week 7.

Q: Do you think the way Walter Thurmond is playing that Browner could be kicked to second string?

Jenks: I don’t. Could be wrong, but I think they like having Thurmond as a nickel corner. And they play so much nickel that in many ways it’s kind of like he’s a starter in that role, anyway.

Q: Who decides to snap the ball on a punt: the punter, one of the up backs, or the center? Which one decided to snap it when half the team was not ready?

Jenks: The up back triggers the snap. And here’s what happened on that play: There was a whistle from somewhere in the crowd that caused the left side of Seattle’s protect to stand up and look around on the field right before the ball was snapped. Just bad timing, and that’s why coach Pete Carroll went ballistic. As far as getting out of your stance without a false start being called, it’s not any different than a tackle looking around during an audible.

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